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 Maria is my third riding instructor in the past 6 years.  She is by far the most patient and knowledgeable of the three.  She also is very good at sharing her knowledge with me.  She was the only one to make me write down what I wanted to learn.  My lessons are only once a week due to my schedule, but every week I learn something new.  I am always glad to arrive at Divinity and always leave feeling that it was time well spent.  There are also times when I see Maria interact with her young riders and I am always impressed with her natural ability to observe how students are riding and how to correct mistakes that she sees.   That is the big difference between Maria and my previous instructors.   

Chuck Haberdeau

 I have been working with Maria at Divinity Farms for some time now. Due to her passion and her mastery of the technique of horseback riding, I feel I have accomplished so much as a rider. Maria shows much finesse and understanding in dealing both with me, her student, and the horses I have used for the lessons. Her positive attitude has encouraged me to make progress in my riding skills. Her confidence in my ability to accepty challenges increased the confidence that I have in myself. Her apparent love for the Horse and Horseback riding has translated to my enthousiasm for this activity.

Joseph Abdou  

 Our family has had wonderful opportunities with Maria Hurley and her farm, Divinity Farms. Maria has exposed both her talent and her farm in so many great community ways. Our first introduction to Maria and the farm was through the Pentucket Community Education program, where my kids joined her for a one week horse camp. Their interest was so peaked that they have continued their riding interest. More so, they've enrolled in the 4-h horse chapter led by Maria. ....This is another example of Maria dedicating herself and her farm to the children and their love for horses. On top of all this, Maria has introduced the kids to gymkhana events, where they can actually take their riding skills and put them to the test in a really fun, game-like manner. I witnessed this event first hand and was so pleased with the way Maria and her staff interfaced with the children. The word that stands out most for me is encouraging - Maria was so encouraging! She made sure every rider fulfilled their event demands, making each child feel so successful and accomplished in her pursuit. Keep it up Maria!" 
Tracy Kelly

We breath

 My daughter had a wonderful experience Divinity Farm! She couldn't wait to get to her riding lessons, where not only would she ride, but also help groom the horse before her lesson. The horses are beautiful and well trained and the farm itself is wonderful. Miss Maria and her staff are professional, caring individuals who take the time to teach not only the riding lesson, but horse care as well. Thanks Divinity Farm!

Debbie Harlow

My daughter Rachel has been taking lessons with Maria at Divinity Farms for several years. Her riding lessons have improved her self confidence, and improved her muscle tone and balance. Maria Hurley does a wonderful job instructing Rachel to keep her focused and safe while riding a horse. Rachel is passionate to learn all about horses and I am very comforted to have Maria to guide her along the way.



 Maria at Divinity Farm has a wonderful way with children and her horses. She really can see the potential in a child and work with their skill level what ever that may be.She is very caring and teaches all that is needed for safety, care of yourself while riding and being around the animals,and how to take great care of the horses your riding.My daughter Rachel loves Maria and loves to ride at Divinity. It's her favorite thing to do. Just this morning she saw the rain and my older daughter said Oh, it's raining you won't be able to ride and she replied, " I have to ride Lacremae today!"
Julie Schubert