Programs of Interest

Divinity Farm,  provide's horseback riding lessons for all ages and disciplines, Horsemanship clinics custom tailored to suit the specific need of the individual.  We will offer vaulting, western, English, gymkana, jumping and more.  Don't want to commit? Try us out and be 

"A Cowboy for a Day"  a 2 hour personal private lesson on Horsemanship 101.  Or a "Cowboy for a day" makes a great gift idea, gift certificates are available.    Join us at one of our professional Clinic's, presentations by Licensed Instructors and Therapist's covering subjects such as natural horsemanship, ground training, hippotherepy and more.  Be sure to keep checking back.  Or email us
Western Dressage, Hunt Seat, Dressage, On the flat as well as over jumps.  Basic western, advanced riding, neck reining, gymkana and more. Learn to event, trail ride recreationaly, train for endurance, build a relationship with our horses.  We have something at all levels for all! And not to forget the best horses!
All students enjoy the benefit of riding in Dr. Cooks Bitless Bridles during their lessons.  Our horses enjoy it most.  If the competitive world recognized these bridles, our horses would show & compete in them as well.
Mommy & Me Program - I have been doing this some time now with  background in child care, toddler, therapeutic hippotherapy.  The child and their guardian/adult person share 30 minutes of  quality,fun pony time both learning & incorporating fundamentals of fine motor skills, song, games and puzzles. Teaching and learning with one another. A plan is implemented specifically for the learning challenges of the age of the child.  The guardian/parent/adult fully participates in the learning of texture, surroundings and fun play incorporating the use of the horse. 
Vaulting -  Divinity teaches the basic position's of vaulting, it is fun and educational for all.  It's common goal is to build confidence and balance on the horse.  Vaulting is the foundation for Divinity's "Therapeutic Riding Program".
Recovery at the Ranch
Maria works with many individuals.  With years and years of experience volunteering and working with people with addictions including but not limited to alcoholism, codependence and drug addictions.  Maria uses her knowledge of 12 step Recovery programs, as well as "One day at a time" recovery philosophy and aid of the horse to implement a program to "aid" in the recovery process.  Participants must meet expectations by way of evaluation and have solid recovery time to participate.  They must be free of their addiction and it's recommend they are working with a sponsor and/or outside therapy program.  Maria is not a licensed therapist.  Her experience has come from over 20 years working with by way of volunteering with children and adults with addictions. This program is an extracurricular activity to be in part, partnered with individuals that have established a recovery program with professionals and or other programs specified to address their particular addiction, such as AA or NA. Divinity also offers this service to those in alternative school programs not necessarily with addictions but as a "reach-out"  service to children attending alternative programs. Again our programs are a supplemental program to aid in recreational alternatives for those in a recovery type program. This program is conducted on alternative days from regular lessons programs and at different locations.  Please email for more information.  All information regarding all individuals is strictly confidential and Divinity does acknowledge the "HIPPA" Act and anonymity.
Theraputic Riding:
Divinity offers this program to those who have the desire to ride and may have some dissabilites.  Vaulting was used as a technique to support this program.
Ground Training/Round Penning  Student will learn the importance and fundamentals of round pen training.  This will build a strong foundation, trust and relationship between the horse and human.  Student will learn to "join up" with their horse.  Student will learn through energy how to train their horse in a natural approach manner.  Techniques used from Pat & Linda Parelli Monty Roberts & other Natural Horsemanship Mentors.
In recent years, "natural" horsemanship trainers have brought round pen training into forefront when it comes to training horses. This type of training employs the round pen to build a basic foundation or to re-train an older horse instead of using traditional methods. What's the basis of this type of training? Well, round pen training is actually derived from behavior modification principles used in training any type of animal, including horses. On a side note, these techniques also work with people.

Round Pen training uses rewards in the form of body language that mimic the horse's natural herd instincts to encourage the desired behavior. Results are usually seen very quickly and a strong bond is often formed between horse and human through these training methods.

A study at Michigan State University shows that by the seventh training session in a round pen, horses react with a predictable response in as little as six repetitions rather than the 60 it took in the first session (Nielson, B & A. Zanella). Once the behavior is learned, it is embedded for life as long as the horse receives the same consistent human responses.

Round pen training is an invaluable tool to teach a basic education for beginning horses or remedial work for older horses.

Horses have a natural instinct called “fight or flight”. Using a round pen, a handler can avoid the dangers of the fight response and maximize the benefits of the flight response. Round pens allow the horse to mentally escape from the pressure of the human, giving them time to think over what response they should be giving. If the handler were to use a lounge line in a pasture or arena, the scene often appears to be a struggle, while in reality, the horse is simple trying the flee.

The design of the round pen is yet another advantage in that it maximizes the horse's thinking capacity. There are no corners for the horse to “hide” in which limits his options for controlling the situation. This focuses the horse's behavior on the trainer. By having enough room to move away (flee) and think about what is being asked, the horse will learn that cooperating with people is the easier decision to make. The trainer must keep in mind, however, that there should be specific lesson plans for each session since mindless running of laps will actually give the horse time to “tune out” the human. Using round pen training with a calm focused plan, can afford a trainer and horse a safe environment for establishing a line of clear communication. Of course, every horse is different, but round pen training consistently produces positive results in a relatively short amount of time. Learning the appropriate techniques and working your horse in a properly built round pen are the keys to fast results and long term success.
Lunging - The benefits & necessity of lunging
Long Lining -Long Lining and training is a vital means of ground training used frequently in dressage.  This also aids in forward ground control and proper placement of the horses footfalls and is used as means of driving. 
Correct Leading & Ground Manners  
Desensitiving from the ground - Teaching your horse through trust how to become accustomed to it's surroundings and unfamiliar sounds and objects, that may initially cause fear, spooking and/or flight.  By learning the basics and giving your horse thorough exposure to elements your horse will less likely panic, spook or become frightened during training, riding, trail riding, trailering, showing and other activities. 
Ride to Music - Some of my lessons are performed using music, learn not only to ride, learn to dance..........................with the horse.  Riding to Music is a great way to learn the rythym of the horses footfalls and ride in harmony to the beat of the hoof. Learning to relax and enjoy the movement of the horse. 

Divinity Farm offers through Pentucket Community Education a "special program" called "Horse Back Riding with Divinity Farm" In 2010 the camps were a huge success!!!  Thank you to our community for your support and the participants whom many have become students of Divinity as well as 4H'rs.
Incoming camps - Fun for all!  We offer local camps and recreational programs the opportunity to visit our facility for "Horsemanship 101" a 2 hour visit, learn all about horses.  What they eat, daily maintenance, play the horse anytomy game, take a horseback ride and go home with some great info and neat stuff from Divinity Farm/ Stone Ridge Farm.  Buses are welcome. 

Divinity Farm is proud to be the home of the former Little Trotters 4-H Club.  Maria Hurley was a volunteer and leader of the club for several years. We met weekly. We attended many 4-H related activities as well as at least 1 field trip per month.  We visit other Farms and Equestrian Centers that welcome us for demonstrations and clinics. We offer working student programs as well as many, many other opportunities and experiences including hands on and educational opportunities with horses and many other subjects.  For more information email us!  Go to  the 4-H club Page on Divinity Farms Website, as well as Divinity Farm on Facebook for updates. 4-H is a great place to be giving members opportunities at Community Service, Leadership public speaking and building confidence. 

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